Have a Termite Problem?

Termites cause billions in property damage every year. Eliminate one of the many stresses of homeownership and call on the professionals at Morris Pest Control to eliminate the threat and prevent the damage caused by termite colonies. Utilizing the most current technology to prevent and control termites, trust the team at Morris Pest Control to create a termite treatment plan tailored to your home or business’ termite control needs.

Morris Pest Control in Sumter, SC, employs the exclusive use of Termidor, America’s #1 defense against termites. Termidor is used as a barrier treatment for termites, used to apply a barrier to prevent termites from attacking structural wood. Termites enter the treated area and receive a lethal dose of the insecticide. Termites contaminated with the chemical can transfer the insecticide to other termites. Termites who never came in contact with the treated surface still die. Morris Pest Control is a certified Termidor Professional continuously protecting the world from termites one home at a time! If you need a termite inspection or suspect that you have termite damage, call us today at (803) 494-5555.

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