When it comes to pests, nothing seems simple. They are quick to multiply and hard to eradicate. This is why you should trust the professionals at Morris Pest Control. Whether you’re interested in our processes or want to know more about how our treatments, take a few minutes to explore our website and see why so many of your friends and neighbors have put their trust in Morris Pest Control.

Why is Morris Pest Control the best choice?

We are a full-service pest control company. We offer environmentally conscious solutions with professional, friendly and prompt service. We are fully licensed and insured, with a full-time training staff and experienced long-term employees. We pride ourselves on innovative techniques and procedures for your pest control solutions. We’re always working to stay on the cutting edge of the pest control industry.

Will your service completely eliminate pests?

There are pests that are treated with the intent of elimination. While we can’t guarantee that some pests won’t linger or come back over time, our frequent service visits ensure we are consistently applying treatments for the highest likelihood of eradication and prevention

Why can’t you give a price over the phone for Termite Services?

Due to several different types of construction models, we need to inspect your home before we can determine which treatment will best protect your home. The cost for these services is based on square footage and the type of treatment we use

What diseases do mice carry?

Mice are some of the dirtiest pests that infest homes. These rodents carry a variety of bacteria and other disease organisms, which they spread by leaving their feces and urine around houses.

How do I get rid of ants?

The small black ants you have seen may be odorous house ants. They typically nest outdoors. They make trails along the outside of windows and eaves of houses to enter kitchen areas to forage for various food materials. They are strong trail followers, so you may be able to see them outside and see where they are coming into the house. It is important to locate the nest, search the entry points and continue cleaning up as part of an inclusive program. Ant control is difficult and often requires follow-up visits. This service is best left to a professional Morris Pest Control.

I have roaches in my home and have tried sprays and "bombs" and these don't seem to be working. What else can I do?

Cockroaches can be very difficult to control because so many things can contribute to their survival such as food, water and shelter. Aerosol bombs are not very effective in controlling cockroaches however proper placement of the other materials is the key to success. Morris Pest Control can assist in controlling cockroaches as well as other pests.

I have roaches but I keep a clean house. Why do I still see them?

Having a clean house will not eradicate roaches entering your home since they are looking for food, shelter and water to survive. If it is a larger cockroach you are seeing, they are coming from the outside to the inside, through windows or doors that might not be sealed properly when shut, or through attics, basements, etc. If it is the smaller German cockroach, they can be brought in on groceries, bags, furniture, etc.